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Updated March 1, 2010
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Div Layout Tutorial


If you've seen my profile, you may have seen some things that look like div layouts. A lot of people have asked me how to make them, and this tutorial will teach you. Now, it's a long tutorial - so I ask you to be patient.
If I get questions on how to use it, I'll clarify and edit some of this tutorial.

Now, I'm going to use my example a lot, as examples are awesome to explain things with. I will be using this picture for my layout.

First, I think you should understand how this layout works. You start out with one picture, and this will be your layout/menu/content. Throughout this tutorial you will understand how to use just one single picture to make a fantastic layout. Don't believe me? Well then, I dare you to use this tutorial.

I will recommend some materials for you to use, some of them you may wonder why. This will be explained in the tutorial, but I want to make sure your set up prior to doing this. It's a pain to be using a tutorial and realizing you need something while in the process. So, let's get you set up for this first. Some of them are optional, but highly recommended. All these materials I use during this process.

There will be screenshots in the tutorial that you can click on + it will open up in a new window for you.

Recommended Materials:

  • * (you may get this program for free by going here)
  • A place to store your picture on the web (Ex. Photobucket or FileDen)
  • Firefox Browser * (the tabs option comes in handy, and I just prefer Firefox. You can get it here)
  • Some knowledge of HTML/CSS * (it's ideal that you at least understand some of it)
  • Paper + Pen/Pencil * (Not required but very helpful)
  • IMVU Links Generator (You can find it by going to here)

* = not required

Step 1