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Updated March 1, 2010
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If you're a first-timer to this section, you should check out the Q & A's first.

| Q & A's about BBCodes |
| BBCodes |

Q & A's about BBCodes

Q:What is BBCode?
   A: BBCode is codes that work in forums, or in IMVU Groups. There's also other instances that you can use it, but it's very rare. BBCode is a way to put images, links, changing the color of your text, etc. without using regular html.

Q:But html does all those things, why is BBCode important?
   A: The reason why BBCode was invented (at least these are my thoughts), is because people have used html codes to grab important information from you, without you knowing it - or other things that are not pleasent. (*whisper* this is why most people disable html in our imvu messages). You know what codes are on your profile, but other people can post html in your messages (if you allow it). Hope I'm not scaring you now!! Again, most people have this disabled.

Q:Okay (*back from heart-attack*), so in the IMVU forums/groups - they have this thing that does the codes for me, why do I need to know BBCode?
   A: Well, someone asked me how to do certain codes in my imvu stylez group (thanks xMoment, that was a good question - and because of you, i'm addressing it!). Although IMVU may give you some codes, maybe you don't know where to find them - or - are looking for more BBCodes that IMVU doesn't show - or - another forum you're apart of doesn't have a bbcode generator. If you're just curious, that's okay too. So enjoy. (*smiles innocently* I am not responsible for any heart-attacks that happened in this section.)

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Below are numerous bbcodes.

Bold/Italic/Underlined Text

This text is bold
-BBCode below-

This text is underlined
-BBCode below-

This text is italic
-BBCode below-

Text Color

This text is red
-BBCode below-

-BBCode below-

Note: The color can be a hex color or a word color. Please refer to either the Basic Codes or HEX Colors sections.

Text Size

Note: The size-text in BBCode can be btween 1-29, if it goes higher than that it doesn't work.

-BBCode below-

Note: the 5 can be changed to a number you want

Posting Codes

The one that has been used a lot on IMVU! If you want to show off your html codes, or to show someone your codes for help - this is it!

-BBCode below-


- Below is an example of a URL -

-BBCode below-

Note: Change yoururl into the site url you want to use.


-BBCode below-


This is if you want to combine an image with a link

-BBCode below-

Note: Above, notice how the image code closes before the url? The order must be correct.

If anyone has any other BBCodes to add, please email me!

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