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Updated March 1, 2010
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  • Homepage Spotlight is no longer available, I apologize. Please read the note on this page, from me.
  • Also wanted to direct your attention to the IMVUStylez Shopping Center, it was built by Gaf210 - and it's purely amazing!
Note from J's

Ok so UPDATE, we are well on our way to get things back into recovery status!
For the record, we LOVE our hosting company and without them all would have been lost. Me and Gaf have been with them for...4 years? (May 2008 is when we started with this hosting company). Doteasy for the win, I just cant say it enough. LOL. I think Gaf would 100000% agree with me on that too.

Yes, IMVUStylez started in 2007, on another hosting site - but it's been built from the ground up. This outage just made us all think back to it all, sorry - we're both caught up in memories. This is our baby, and we've built it from the ground up. It has changed both our lives in different ways, and all of them good to be honest.

I know you don't hear much from me, but I know Gaf is like the star and I am very very proud of him and how far he's come. It's always a pleasure to sneak in imvu from time to time and see his progress!

So anyway, I'm done boring you with all our details due to me being all mushy and gushy, it's been a whirlwind of a week and it's finally settling down.

Even though our epic customer service person who has helped us so much this week wont read this - I will say that everyone, thank PEGGIE. Without her, we'd have to start from scratch and everything! WE LOVE YOU PEGGIE FROM DOTEASY!

Jspunkette's Stuff

Hey guys,

I want to bring your attention to the Resellers Directory.

IMVU has been giving out sales left and right, which may seem great to you - but to imvu as a whole, it's not.

Buying credits from imvu adds more credits into the system. This makes credits worth less, making it hard for users to resell their credits for actual money.

If this keeps up, resellers won't be around. So I encourage everyone to buy from resellers, they're trying their best to make the credit-buying process easier, buyer-friendly, & as cheap as they can.

I have my own preference on who I buy from, but I am advertising the Reseller Directory so you can choose.

They are all trusted resellers in this directory, so you know that whatever you pick is a good reseller.

Keep the imvu Resellers alive ~Punkette

Registered Resellers Directory Banner

Donate Via Paypal

If you find this website useful and want to keep it active and updated, please make a donation if you like. It is greatly appreciated.

Donate Via Credits

Credits will help us hold contests and also advertise the site. Donations are appreciated.


Other Services

We also offer these services:

File Drive
The Bling Directory


IMVU Homepage Rules


  • Can hide About Me panel entirely or partially with a sticker
  • Can hide About Me panel with the 'hide panel' feature provided by IMVU
  • Can change the font of the panel
  • Can change the 'online' status bar with code or sticker
  • Can change the info that is not your age with code (ie, "Looking For: my one true love" or "Relationship Status:Happily Singled" or "Location: Outer-Most Ring of Neptune")

Not Allowed:
  • Cannot change age with coding
  • Cannot rephrase age with coding (ie, "Age: 3+4+6+1+7"), even if the end result is your age
  • Cannot hide square ad at the top that a Guest sees with code/stickers
  • Cannot hide the 'report' or 'block' buttons at the top with code/stickers
  • Cannot use code/stickers/browser add-ons to hide the Blue Banners
  • Cannot use code/stickers/browser add-ons to hide the Shoutouts
  • Cannot use code/stickers/browser add-ons to hide the links at the bottom
  • Cannot use code/stickers/browser add-ons to hide the ad at the bottom
  • cannot use code to hide the 'buy sticker' link on Stickers
  • cannot use IP trackers

Support IMVU Stylez by purchasing a sticker below. I have to pay hosting fees and such, so even a little helps :]

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