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Updated March 1, 2010
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Screenshot Tutorial

A screenshot is a handy tool in which you take a "snapshot" of your whole computer screen. You know when you take a snapshot in the IMVU Client, how it snaps a picture of your avatar? Well, it's like that.

Why would I use it?
I'm sure you've seen all different types of cool avatar pictures.
This is the a way to edit your avatar picture and add text, graphics, etc.

Since this site is dedicated to IMVU, I will use that for explaining.

Step One: Set-Up

Make sure that your IMVU Chat Window is ontop of all your programs.

Step Two: Screenshot

For PC Users: There's a button titled "print scr" on your keyboard. It should be located on the right side , above the "insert" button. Some keyboards are different though, so look thoroughly.
For Mac Users: You will have to use a shortcut. Push (Shift, Apple, 3).

Push this button, you won't see anything happen YET - so don't worry.

Step Three: Results

Now, go to your friendly graphics program (paint.net is my preference, download it here if you'd like to download it). As soon as you're in there, make a new document.
Now, under the "edit" menu at the top of your program - click on "paste". Or you can use a shortcut (Ctrl, V).
If you have done this right, a snapshot of your computer screen will pop up (the one you took). Now you can tweak whatever you want on it, just crop it and get rid of the extra icky stuff!