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Updated March 1, 2010
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Terms of Use

All content provided by IMVU Stylez is as is. At no time shall we be responsible for any damages that may occur directly or indirectly from the content that we provide on our site and subsequent domains. Content includes but not limited to, graphics, layouts, codes, generators, Bling Directory, Gaf210 Codes, etc. The use of content IMVU Stylez provides is by choice and if you choose not to accept our terms of services you do not use our content.

All content uploaded by users is their responsibility and not IMVU Stylez.

IMVU Stylez makes no guarantees whether the services we provide are available due to known or unknown factors. We have the right to edit, modify, add or remove content as we see fit without notice.

We reserve the right to deny services to anyone under any condition or circumstances. We also have the right to disable or terminate services at any time without prior notice.

All content on IMVU Stylez and sub-domains (the Bling Directory + Gaf210 Codes) are the property of IMVU Stylez. All content uploaded by users are owned by them.

By using IMVU Stylez services you are agreeing and obligated with adhering to our terms and conditions. If you do not agree or will not comply to our terms and conditions in part or in full, simply do not use our services. If you have any questions or concerns about our Terms Of Service feel free to contact us.

Special thanks to Subtlycharmed for helping me write this.